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New colouring manga

hi ALL long time no write i came to share some colouring manga i did of vk







My bishen right now

well i wanted to show everyone too my L-J friends my bishie obbession well more the bishie that i am rooting for ^_^

so lets start with my number one obsessed bishie and that is

and now

yea i am so obsessed with him i buy every single item that comes out that has him on it and all the pics of him saved on my computer lol

so he is my mumber one bishie right now

and other bishie i love and go kyaaa when seeing him is

sorry guys this panel he is too hot

an other bishie i love is

i love how he plays and even love his character

and here is my new bishie

my new bishe he is so hot and cool

he reminds me of zero alot lol

those so far are my hot bishie right now i might added more i added my fandom next journal ^_^

I love the manhwa of twlight

Yep guys i know not twlight fan but yesterday i both the manhaw of it and i have to say nice drawings and edward is hot in it still not sure about jacob.

the strange thing is that i bought book 1 and yesterday new moon but i can't read it its boring , well i still don't like how bella and edward fell in love lol due one likes her blood and the other because he sparkles and is beautiful lol but still the manhwa is drawn realy wow and i got to know lol that there is a hunter in the story lol infact its starts bella chasing by a hunter . i was surprised lol

so i hightly recommand it

bella is drawn realy sweet and beautiful lol well the art is very nice

here you can see the art i think its nice and i am not a big twilght fan (sees twilight only to see differce from vk) still the manhaw i love it better then the book and film lol oh the vol 1 end not like the film so its not all book one its only half .

so i recommand to see it

Zero is not Jacob

well i am sick of hearng that zero is jacob black which see new moon i disagreed , why i say that i mean edward said the same lines and zero says too yuuki and when i heard it i almost fell from my chair , my friend said what happened to you i told him this quote is the same like zero says and he told me i see . infact since twilight movie i always so edward like zero in many aspects , his attitued and so on show me more zero then kaname like , and new moon confered it two qoute of zero where heard by edward , only one was jacob like the one that he doesn't want bella a vampire that zero like lol but edward winned it ALL , plus i am rooting for edward jacob is too much posisive with bella zero is not like that with yuuki more kaname is , but in new moon when edward left bella to give her a better life it remained me of zero when he told her go to the man who can spent eternity with you so for me until new moon

zero is EDWARD and not jacob.

Analzing zeki

i was reading the yume fc in mangfox and there are a lot of things about the pureblooded love story thing that is always writen in lala well i asked once sagakure and she said that it might be one person it might be two persons , but if we can see it its writen pureblooded love story not purebloods love story so if the meaning its in english then its talking about yuuki's love life which so far that we are seeing , but the thing curious is the bloody legend i realy wonder what that is telling as.

now let see why zeki might be the end game , well its ture hino doesn't like too change couple but are we sure its yume the main couple? so far that how it looks like but in there relationship yume couple with there kisses are like how megumi under the curse and suzuka used too act all kissing her and there but the true megumi's true feeling came after in the ending arc so in this kaname is not beging that much megumi. how about aram well arir and aram used too sara kisses but not that much like yuuki and kaname are doing so not sure yet about yume beging the end game.

we can see that kaname was given many thing like the other mains did but even zero , but i think hino gave them both thing from other main character well for me zero is so megumi protard and kaname so aram thought aram was not that much kaname like in character , still not sure but zero is so scar too and taeko so them rebouls like him andf bad boy attiduute plus cold in the out side but when the person they love is in troble they are soft and gentle .
megumi can have kaname's gentleness but can have even some zero too like he suffers inside too make the one he loves happy plus he doesn't say his feeling openly , in this scar and teako do that too, aram opened imiginaly soo he is kaname like.

now lets take how zeki might be in hino's books

we know that hino wanted zero not just a human hunter but even half vampire in this hino got referce too D in vampire hunter D ( d is half vampire and half human) so he gave him two aspects one human (that is his human hunter part) and vampire (given by shizuka) so in the first arc hino fouces on this issue alot and we so that with his thing he was not anymore in the shadow in yuuki's heart . yuuki in this he was caring for him but this change maded alot of changes too zeki relatioship.

then we have the curse , hino added zero a mysterois curse that twin hunters can have and this created more impact in zeki zero has a curse due his anstor ate a pureblood.

now some zero and vk fan i this theroy that zero might have been born with kuran blood. how can that be simple if we think and alot is pointing there that the hunters ate a kuran that means that kiryuu had that blood in ther vains and due zero and ichiru where born by that blood makes zero and ichiru have kuran blood in them (this might happened if the founded vampire that the hunters ate is a kuran. but so far this is where hino looks like she is going that would be a big twist for zero and even zeki too .

and other theory might be too that the hunters was in infact a hunter that ate the pureblood and that the eating was due of forbidden love between two enmies , which we have a example that of ichiru and shizuka , eat your love one before deaing . this might be a good theroy too if that happeneds zeki might have a big possiblity.

and other theroy is that yuuki might be the anstors reseble lover or even recarnation and zero might be the resamblace of his anstor too if this happeneds good twist

i other twist that might happened is that with all this going on yuuki might understand her feelings for zero plus zero and yuuki might be the two born and resable there anstors too make there old wish come true peace too both races and even a pureblood and a hunter together , plus zero is a vampire him self and if he has kuran blood might not damge that much the bloodline , even thought he is a human.

an other thing that might make zeki end game might be that what juri and kaien couldn't have zero and yuuki might be there sustuts too get what they didn't active.

now about other things i notice that kaien,kaname zero and yuuki's surnames all start with a K and if you notice two the mains characters such as kaname and kaien start with a K might be that kaname is the vampire Key and kaien might be the hunters Key of the past evens , plus if you see well zero and yuuki's names start with Y AND Z two letter that are after the other that might be that they are the ending of something due Y ANDZ are the last letters in alphabete but not sure of japanese thought. but for me i always so kaname the Key of vk , kaname resamblce the dragon of ch and julie in a way why because the dragon was the person that started the curse and in meru puri julie started everythging , these two where the open key of the story and that i see kaname too. who knows mybe the twin curse was started by him due of jealousy not sure but that is my theroy.

so far these are some of my strong theories about zeki so don't make them offical lol but some ppl i mett think the same like me and a lot of hint might prove i could be right.

what you all think ?

pls yume fans don't bash me i just telling what i think and mighty happened if hino had in mind zeki as a end game in the end


YAY I am happy i finished the forum still basic but i added more staff later just so that it can be active ^_^


hope too see you there ^_^


Planning a VK FORUM

hi all yea the title says it all due i am a expert in forums lol i decied it would be nice for me too start a place where zero and zeki fans can talk freely oh yumes can come too due it would be cool and the thing is its will be free too discuss everything vk relasted ^_^ plus you can be open minded and deuts are welcome too i post it when its done hope too see you there friends ^_^ cotton, fain, peri all my zeki friends from mangafox i hope too see you there when its done


New manga which i like

Hi everyone i so kats journal and i feel in love with a manga called Reimei no Arcana -Dawn of the Arcana . which the romance i love and i love the prince lol well from what i see loki is the fav but for me i fell in love with the prince lol sometimes this prince acts like zero and even the moves he does lol thought the only think not zero like is he smiles, kiss the main many times and is a fool lol but the rest so zero like . ppl say that loki is zero but so far the story it goes for me he is so kaname like lol but i recommand it too find it and read it.

the first maltese COMIC CONVENTION

well we maltese had our first comic converstion and i was happy because i found ppl that love vk lol well i found i person that was dressed as yuuki

well i was kind of yuuki too lol but she was more yuuki then me lol well i was happy and everyone one that knew vk where are ZERO FANS LOL only my lisbon fried loves kaname lol BUT EVERYONE WANTED YUUKI AND ZERO TOGTHER LOL so we maltese are more zekis lol but it was fun i wear something that yuuki would wear plus the original bonded braclet (thats was with the lala) and around my neck a bootleg item zero's sysmbol as my watch lol well one sunday i was more vampire style but well vampire yuuki came in my mind lol  still had fun bought loots of manga's

list of manga's bought
2 shouen jump
petshop of horrors
2 bersek
1 one piece
1 DN Angel
princess ai extra
samurai deeper kyo
blood+ novel

well i soon buy 39 manga book and 36 newtype magazins lol realy cheap lol
so thats a other big list but good i can check hino's referces due i have two manga's that hino got inspirated for vk yea blood+ and vampire hunter D can't wait too find things that i think vk have lol

but still YEA ZEKI lol and yea COMIS CONVENSTION

new colouring manga Zero capter 53

yea lets get some love too zero well he needs it . so for all the zero fans i coloured the zero of capter 53 yea he is emotionless but still sexy and hot lol so anyone can use it or save it ^_~ if use it pls credit me

hope you like it